From homeowner, to tenant, to evicted:  Saia Fetu'u made a promise to his dying mother that he would keep their house for the family. Twelve years after his mother's passing, he and his family no longer own the house but now live there as renters. The family is determined to stay but the rising rent — from $2,500 in 2011 to $4,374 in 2018 — has been threatening Fetu'u's promise.
  Portrait : Giggles (jester) is a part of Great America's annual Halloween Haunt attraction.
  Drugging Our Kids : An investigative project “I don’t want to tell people I have a tremor because I was drugged for my whole adolescence,” said Rochelle Trochtenberg, 31, a former foster youth. 
  TORN APART : A 30 min documentary film  Macrina Mota-Pineda rejoices with her children after the federal immigration judge decided to let her legally stay in the U.S.     
  India's Left Behind   "Ragpickers" salvage plastic, clothing pieces and discarded metal to sell as recycled materials in Mumbai, India in 2008.
  Young slum dwellers Shaina Ahuja, 11, and Tammana Khan, 9, stand by a pile of garbage in a slum in 2008, in India.  
  Reflection on a city   The image of a model in a window display is reflected in glass of an apparel store on Jan. 20, 2015, in San Francisco.
  Capitalism Meets Communism   This sprawling metropolis of 20 million is a canvas of contrasts. Young tourists in cowboy hats pass by Chinese army guards in the Forbidden City in Beijing, China on April 8, 2011.
  The Chance to Survive   Eight-year-old orphan Vu Thi Hoang Lam sits by other orphans during dinner at an orphanage   in Vietnam on in 2011.  Nearly 120 young residents at Linh Xuan, from infants to teens, have HIV.
  "Governator"   Images from 2005 California special elections in which then California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's propositions were rejected by the voters.  
  The California gubernatorial recall election  Images from the California gubernatorial recall election in 2003.
  The California gubernatorial recall election  California governor Gray Davis looks up as former President Bill Clinton answers questions to the media during their campaign visit to Olvera Street in Los Angeles on Sunday Sept. 14, 2003. 
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